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Locked In (Tiffany & Co.)

 Jewelry…  One of the ways to a woman’s heart…  100% sure to bring a smile to her face…  and a man to his financial knees.  Happily, though, we oblige our significant other.  To keep the peace?  Yes.  But, more importantly, it gives us regular guys so much fulfillment to bring happiness to the ones we love.  Be it purchased or otherwise.

I sense that a growing anticipation will be triggered by the previous paragraph.  Your interest, dear reader, has been piqued.  Questions begin to swirl around in your head…  What kind of jewelry did he buy for her?  Was it expensive?  Did she like it?  Alas…  None of that happened.  But, I have to tell you that I was tempted.

Nina, Monika, Lana and Gabby of Rustan’s

Why is it then, that I am writing about jewelry when I didn’t buy anything?  Well, it just so happens that I was invited by Rustan’s to attend and cover the launch of a new collection of vintage inspired yet contemporary “Tiffany Locks” from Tiffany & Co.  I can tell you right now, if the wife were with me, it would have been the end of this blog because I wouldn’t have money left to pay for my internet connection.

The “Tiffany Locks”, made of 18k gold, sterling silver, or a combination of both (a couple of which are in the photo above), are attention grabbers.  They are actually quite innovative.  Taking a mundane, everyday tool such as a lock and turning it into elegant jewelry is remarkable.  It reminds me of the charms in numerous shapes little girls have hanging from their necklaces or their bracelets.  Unlike those, though, these Locks give women a certain allure that says feminine rather than girly, modern rather than new and vibrant as opposed to just plain fun.  The Locks look so good that I would really like to gift a couple to my wife.

Tessa Prieto-Valdes with the lucky winners of Tiffany Locks

The event, hosted by Cosplay Queen, Tessa Prieto-Valdes (referring to the host as the “Cosplay Queen” is cool and not at all derisive), had all the elements of vintage-comtemporary style.  The patented “Tiffany Blue” color was used to accentuate the elegantly festive atmosphere successfully as guests were milling around the display cases pulling out their credit cards to purchase pieces from the new collection.  Those guests that chose to rein in their desires did not have to look sullenly upon the beautiful jewelry as uniformed waiters were roaming the room with very delicious canapes (I was snacking the entire night), refreshing cocktails and over-flowing champagne courtesy of Bizu Patisserie.  The highlight of the night came when twelve guests were chosen and given the chance to win beautiful Tiffany Locks by opening the four display cases they were contained in.  Everyone watched as the chosen guests prayed that the key they were given would open the display cases.  There were a few tense moments, but everyone cheered when all four display cases were opened.  Even those of us who weren’t chosen to participate were caught up in the euphoria.  As the night ended and the guests were merrily going home with their purchases and prizes in little blue shopping bags hanging from their wrists, I take one last look at the jewelry on display and make a mental note for the future.

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Shimmering Sack (Tod’s)

It was after the last show and we were walking toward the parking lot when we were drawn toward a store with very bright lights (much like insects drawn to a bug zapper).  The store was under renovation, but that didn’t stop us from mindlessly staring at the very bright interior.

I remembered that we set our things down on a bench without anyone watching them so I turned to check.  I’ve always admired the Tod’s tote in the photo, but it was just shimmering in the glow of the bright lights.  That conjured images of films I’ve seen set in the 70’s like “Carlito’s Way” or “Studio 54” where disco was in and the mirror ball would intermittently shine small cubes of light on the dance floor to reveal the glitter and glam of the crowd.

A survey of some of the present fashion trends would reveal that, indeed, some elements of the 70’s are back.  I have noticed some stylish women in very sexy jumpsuits on a night out in the town and women wearing very nice tops in psychedelic prints and oh, so tight jeans with subtle flares.  This Tote, with its ample storage capacity, light construction and metallic finish will be perfect to complete the look.

Ladies, it’s time to bring out those platform shoes.

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Colorful Staple (Paul Smith)

Shopping in Bangkok is an exciting experience.  The high-end malls and street side markets offer a plethora of choices.  People are everywhere and getting caught up in a crowd is not unheard of.  It did get tiring though and after a while we decided to catch a movie to cool off.

I’ve been told that the world standard for the temperature in a movie theatre is 21 degrees Celcius.  In tropical and humid climates, this is welcomed with open arms.  But, after baking in 35 degree mid-afternoon heat, a 14 degree sudden drop in temperature will be enough to give anyone hypothermia (women in tank-tops, cut-offs and flip-flops most of all).

Lest I dissapoint the regular male readers of this blog, I will not advocate nor encourage these women to wear more clothing.  Instead, I propose that they always carry scarves that will easily fit in their summer bags or act as an accent belt around their exposed mid-sections.

A scarf that would be just right for this kind of use is this iconic cotton Swirl Scarf from Paul Smith.  The multiple colors and the pattern of the scarf make it a good complement to many casual/summer outfits.  It is playful without losing its upscale appeal.  Its size is generous and the material used is light and soft against the skin.  Swaddling yourself in it makes you feel protected by a loved one’s embrace.

Excellent choice for a movie date.

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