Analog Down Time (Ion Audio)

15 Jun

It’s 9pm on a tuesday and my mind is still racing from all the sensory inputs the day had to throw at me.  I’m trying to relax, but I still have one last thing on my to-do list.  With wife in tow, I drive over to my sister-in-law’s pad to brainstorm for creative ideas.

After about half an hour, we’ve gone nowhere.  In fact, I’ve resorted to scrounging around her half-empty refrigerator just to have something else to think about.  With no new ideas and a fruit roll-up in hand, I plop down on the couch and decided to put on some tunes.

Walking over to her audio cabinet, I am greeted by this non-descript TTUSB10 Turntable from Ion Audio.  Its actually a hybrid since it comes with software that allows the owner to record the analog audio output into an Mp3 file.  The result?  Analog sound from a digital player.  Cool.  I flip through her collection of vintage vinyl, little by little getting hypnotized by the slapping of each record against the other.  Choice made, I gingerly slip out the vinyl record from its protective cover.  It’s been 25 years or so since I’ve actually touched a record so I take my time to appreciate the weight of the vinyl and the grooves carved into it.  At this point, I’m already smiling.

WARNING!  What comes next is a ritual known only to audiophiles and may not be suitable for those born in the digital age.

I flick the power switch to on.  Carefully lay the record on the platter.  Set the speed to 33rpm.  Press the start button to begin the rotation of the platter then move the arm to ever so delicately place the stylus on the vinyl.  For a moment or two, nothing except a barely audible hiss comes out from the speakers.  Then, the stylus is caught in the groove and the sweet, smooth, mellow sound of an analog recording wafts around the room and slowly envelops me in its warm tones.

Just the memory of the experience makes me want to sit back on the couch, prop my feet up on some pillows and ride the feeling.  Good Vibes.


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