Shimmering Sack (Tod’s)

26 May

It was after the last show and we were walking toward the parking lot when we were drawn toward a store with very bright lights (much like insects drawn to a bug zapper).  The store was under renovation, but that didn’t stop us from mindlessly staring at the very bright interior.

I remembered that we set our things down on a bench without anyone watching them so I turned to check.  I’ve always admired the Tod’s tote in the photo, but it was just shimmering in the glow of the bright lights.  That conjured images of films I’ve seen set in the 70’s like “Carlito’s Way” or “Studio 54” where disco was in and the mirror ball would intermittently shine small cubes of light on the dance floor to reveal the glitter and glam of the crowd.

A survey of some of the present fashion trends would reveal that, indeed, some elements of the 70’s are back.  I have noticed some stylish women in very sexy jumpsuits on a night out in the town and women wearing very nice tops in psychedelic prints and oh, so tight jeans with subtle flares.  This Tote, with its ample storage capacity, light construction and metallic finish will be perfect to complete the look.

Ladies, it’s time to bring out those platform shoes.

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One response to “Shimmering Sack (Tod’s)

  1. mutya

    January 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    so, did you buy it?


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