Colorful Staple (Paul Smith)

23 May

Shopping in Bangkok is an exciting experience.  The high-end malls and street side markets offer a plethora of choices.  People are everywhere and getting caught up in a crowd is not unheard of.  It did get tiring though and after a while we decided to catch a movie to cool off.

I’ve been told that the world standard for the temperature in a movie theatre is 21 degrees Celcius.  In tropical and humid climates, this is welcomed with open arms.  But, after baking in 35 degree mid-afternoon heat, a 14 degree sudden drop in temperature will be enough to give anyone hypothermia (women in tank-tops, cut-offs and flip-flops most of all).

Lest I dissapoint the regular male readers of this blog, I will not advocate nor encourage these women to wear more clothing.  Instead, I propose that they always carry scarves that will easily fit in their summer bags or act as an accent belt around their exposed mid-sections.

A scarf that would be just right for this kind of use is this iconic cotton Swirl Scarf from Paul Smith.  The multiple colors and the pattern of the scarf make it a good complement to many casual/summer outfits.  It is playful without losing its upscale appeal.  Its size is generous and the material used is light and soft against the skin.  Swaddling yourself in it makes you feel protected by a loved one’s embrace.

Excellent choice for a movie date.

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