Exquisite (Prada)

19 May

We regular guys are usually one-dimensional about things, their uses and the way they should look – like the edge of a kitchen counter which is perfect for popping open a bottle of beer (what else should it be used for?).  When it comes to bags we consider the utility before anything else.  What will it be used for?  Is it big enough for the task?  Will it withstand continuous and daily usage?  After being satisfied with the answers to the previous questions, that is the time when we consider the aesthetic aspect of the bag.

The way a bag looks should not take anything away from its utility.  Metal components should be limited to the locking mechanism.  Material used should be strong, lightweight and should wear nicely over the years.  It should be resistant to scratches and it should not catch on sharp objects.

It’s clear then that the Prada Tote in the photo would repulse me, but, surprisingly, I actually like it.  Called the “Portafoglio” in the color “Nero”, it is exquisite.  There are too many metal bits.  The leather is soft and supple.  Plus, the Shar Pei like design will easily catch on anything.  It is like a beautiful woman fully decked out in her jewelry and dressed to the nines.  We all know that men can’t get enough of that.

I have to say that every woman should have this bag.


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One response to “Exquisite (Prada)

  1. mutya

    January 6, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    portafoglio? are you sure? the prada ruched leather line is called gaufre… portafoglios are more wallet type envelope styles… and they have wallet style portafoglios in gaufre… but you’re right… this is a pretty bag. was really tempted, but so many women were carrying the tessuto model (ruched nylon) i decided to pass. 🙂


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