Utility and Looks (G.H. Bass & Co.)

17 May

Try to remember the coolest characters in movies and you’d see that they all wore belts.  Knights had leather belts tied around their waists to secure their swords.  Cowboys drew their six-shooters from holsters secured to their belts.  Quentin Tarantino’s protagonists would tuck their guns into their belts.  Heck, even Batman had a really cool utility belt!

Anyway…  Though the previous paragraph may have no relation whatsoever to what may follow, the point is that belts are prized both for utility and looks.

The belt pictured here from G.H. Bass & Co. is one such item.  The brasswear of this belt is beautiful in its simplicity and robustness.  The high-quality leather is thick and tough.  Combined, the brasswear and leather give this belt a down-to-earth elegance that is difficult to match.  When wearing it, the size reassures me that it will always stay secure around the waist.  More importantly, it works well combined with a variety of outfits such as khaki shorts and leather sandals, denim jeans and cowboy boots, or even khaki pants and casual loafers.

This belt is quite a versatile accessory.

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