Corduroy (Zara)

12 May

I was in a quandary about what clothes to pack for a trip we took to L.A.  It was at the tail-end of winter which meant that it would still be chilly but not cold enough to justify bringing along heavy fabrics.  After some consideration and a long look through my wardrobe, it was decided that the best recourse was to go shop for a couple of new pieces.

It was important for me to get clothes that use fabric which is soft and would do the job of keeping me warm.  But, as we were going to L.A., I also wanted these pieces to look sleek and sophisticated.  I scoured most of the shops but eventually decided on a brown corduroy two-button blazer from Zara.  I’ve never really been the corporate power dressing type which is probably the reason why this blazer called out to me.  I heard it say, “Buy me.  You’ll love the way I feel.”  And, yet again, with one fluid motion, my credit card made a Spaniard from Galicia a few euros richer.

This blazer was light enough to wear while browsing through the galleries of the Getty and it had enough sophistication for dinner and drinks in Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian in West Hollywood.  Time is also this blazer’s friend as regular wearing and washing gives it more character with its color retaining its deep brown.  Polo match? Taming of the Shrew playing at the theatre?  Or, just settling down with a latte and a good book?  No worries.  This blazer will do the job quite well.

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One response to “Corduroy (Zara)

  1. Vanessa Berenguer

    May 13, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Martin has the same exact coat and it’s been a staple piece for years!


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